March 26, 2002

Here's a snapshot of what

Here's a snapshot of what I'm doing right now.  Sitting in a messy warehouse with brightly colored walls (a blue wall, a yellow wall, an orange wall, and a purple wall just in this room - the hallway is green), trying to get a directory full of code synced up to the master codebase and my copy of the codebase.  Next, I will try to get this copy of the database and its schema synced up to changes I have made to the schema on MY copy of the database that resides on my workstation.  Then, I'll start unwriting more code.  This project has a lot of data that is in the code that should instead be in the database, so that basically means that my coding output, lines of code per hour, is somewhere in the negative.  Does that mean I suck the computer code into me?  Is that bad for me?  Will I need to do a cleanse? Posted by Curt at March 26, 2002 02:09 PM